My Grill Will Not Ignite

  1. If your grill is plugged into an electrical outlet with a GFI, (ground fault interrupter) plug, chances are the hot rod has absorbed or been exposed to too much moisture and is leaking to ground causing the plug to trip.
  2. Open your cooking chamber lid, remove cooking grill, angled drip pan and U-shaped firepot cover. Is there ash build up in the firepot and/or around the firepot? If so, this needs to be cleaned out. The ash is choking out the fire.
  3. Check the fuse on the back of the control board. To do this, first UNPLUG the grill from the electrical outlet. Then, unscrew the control board and look at the fuse.  Is it blown or not?
  4. If the fuse is good, check for power by switching the colored plugs first. Unplug the purple plug and the orange plug. Plug the big fan into the purple plug. Now plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet and turn the grill on. Does the induction fan operate? If so, you will need a new hot rod. If not, you will need a new control board. Unplug the components and plug them back into their original locations.

Always start your grill on the SMOKE setting.


Blowing Fuses

If the fuse has blown in your BBQ an electrical part needs to be changed. Replacing the part without changing the fuse will only result in another blown fuse.

The following guide will determine what part needs to be replaced. Replacement parts and fuses are available at your local Traeger dealer. All electric parts in a new BBQ are covered under Traeger’s three year warranty.

The controller will have a spare fuse attached at the back. The fuse is a 5 amp / 120 Volt, any other sized fuse, or wrapping the existing fuse in tinfoil, can result in damage to the control board.


Unplug the BBQ before proceeding


Remove the two screws holding the controller to the front of the BBQ and pull the controller out through the hole.  The clearance is very small so you will have to angle the controller to remove it.   You may have look up from below the pellet hopper and cut a few of the zip ties to give you  enough slack in the wiring harness to pull the controller out the front.

From this point on it is a simple process of elimination that may take up to 15 minutes.

There are 4 wires/connectors on the back of every controller. 

  • The double white with the black wire is the power cord.
  • The purple wire with the single white is the hot rod.
  • The orange wire with the single white is the combustion fan.
  • The red wire with the single white is the auger motor.


Unplug the hot rod (purple), the fan (orange), the auger motor (red).

Only the black/white wire is still plugged in.

Plug in the BBQ to the wall socket and turn on the switch to smoke.

The LED’s on the controller should light up.  Allow it to stay on for 5 minutes.

If the fuse doesn’t blow then the controller is fine.  It is very rare that a

Controller is the cause of a blown fuse.


After 5 minutes turn off the switch and then plug in the hot rod to the purple connector.

Turn the BBQ back on and wait 5 minutes to see if the fuse blows.  The hot rod is the cause

of at least 90% of these incidents.

If the fuse doesn’t blow then turn off the BBQ and plug in the big fan to the orange connector

(do not unplug either of the two already plugged in as we know they are fine)  Turn the

BBQ back on and let it run for 5 more minutes.

If it still doesn’t blow then plug in the auger motor and let it run for another 5 minutes

but it is apparent at this time that by elimination it is the auger motor.


The whole thing is a simple process of elimination and requires zero special tools or equipment.

It is very important that you follow the steps/order above as that is the order that has the highest percentage of solving your problem in the shortest period of time.


There Are No Pellets Getting Into My Firepot

  1. If this is a new unit, have you allowed at least 7 minutes for the pellets to travel from the pellet hopper via the auger tube to the firepot? If the answer is yes, then proceed to the next step.
  2. If your unit is new, unplug the red and orange connectors and plug the auger motor red plug into the orange plug. If the auger motor works with the orange hooked up to the red, the problem is in the control board. It will need to be replaced.
  3. If the auger motor does not work, but the auger fan does work the problem is in the auger system itself. If this is the case, check the following:
  4. Wet or decomposed pellets. If yes, you need to use a shop vac to remove them from the pellet hopper and firepot and auger tube. Once the firepot is cleaned out, put the vacuum hose to the end of the auger tube to suck out any pellet material in the auger tube.
  5. With the augur motor still attached to the orange plug, turn on the barbecue and watch the two inch propeller on the motor. If the propeller turns and then stops, switch the barbecue off and see if the propeller un-winds. If it unwinds, there is a jam in the auger system and the auger will need to be removed, the auger tube thoroughly cleaned out. Same thing for the pellet hopper.
  6. If the propeller does not turn, then turn off the power switch. When off, the auger motor will unwind. This indicates that the auger motor is bad and will need to be replaced. Contact your local Authorized Traeger Dealer for parts.



How Do I Remove My Auger?

  1. Remove allen screw and 5/16th inch nut which attaches the auger to the auger motor.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw holding the plastic retainer bushing.
  3. Place a pipe wrench on the auger shaft.
  4. Turn the shaft counter clock-wise (pull it towards you).
  5. It will be hard to turn at first. When the auger breaks free, it will turn freely.
  6. After removing the auger, push all of the loose pellets out of the auger tube and into the firepot. Use a shop-vac to help remove all of the pellet material.
  7. Take a piece of medium grit sandpaper and sand the outside of the auger. If the auger tube is rusty, sand the auger tube and vacuum out the auger tube.
  8. Re-assemble the unit by placing the auger back into the tube, make sure the auger shaft turns freely over the motor shaft before re-attaching the auger motor.


How Do I Manually Light The Grill?

  1. You will ONLY need to do this IF your hot rod has gone out.
  2. Manual lighting instructions can be found on the paper label on the underside of your pellet hopper lid.
  3. Manual lighting instructions are also included in your Owner's Manual, which comes with every grill.
  4. Before you Manually Light your grill, you will need to un-plug the purple plug, place a handful of pellets into the firepot, squirt Alcohol Gel onto the pellets. Use a long handled fireplace match or an "aim and flame" to ignite the gel.
  5. You will need to wait approximately 5 minutes before turning the grill back on. Before you turn the grill on, replace the U-shaped firepot cover, angled drip pan and cooking grill(s). Do Not Burn Yourself!

My Unit Goes Out On Smoke

Open the cooking chamber lid and remove cooking grill, angled drip pan and U-shaped firepot cover. Look and see if there is a large accumulation of pellet ash in and around the firepot. If there is, it will need to be cleaned out. Do this ONLY WHEN THE GRILL IS TOTALLY COLD! Replace U-shaped firepot cover, angled drip pan and cooking grills and resume cooking/smoking process.

If this does not remedy the problem, please contact your local dealer or the Traeger Service Department.

How Do I Protect My Paint Finish?

Purchase and use a Traeger Hydrotuff cover. This will help protect against the weather, dust, scratches to your outside paint.

Once every 90 days, use a good quality car wax and wax the the entire outside of your grill. Be sure the grill is TOTALLY COLD before starting this process. Use a clean towel to thoroughly remove all of the car wax from the grill body.

If you need to touch-up the paint, see your Authorized Traeger Dealer.


I Need A New Part For My Grill

Check with your Authorized Traeger Dealer to see if they have the part in stock. They can order it for you.

Traeger Canada is an authorized Traeger BBQ distributor

Traeger Canada is an authorized Traeger Distributor